Look hot without getting burned

Hair dryers and styling irons are the key to creating holiday-worthy hairstyles at home, but don’t forget that they are electrical appliances that should be used with caution to prevent accidents.

CSA Group, a leader in testing and certification, offers the following tips for safe styling:

* When choosing a styling device, look for the CSA Group mark or a similar certification mark showing that it’s been tested to the applicable standard for use. Cheap, unmarked alternatives can be missing safety features and may not comply with provincial laws.

* Don’t use a hair dryer near water. You risk electrocution.

* Replace the device if the cord is worn or damaged. It can be unsafe.

* Style your hair in the same room where the tool is plugged in. When a cord is run through a doorway, it runs the risk of getting damaged.

* Unplug the device when finished using it. Give it time to cool down before leaving it unattended.

* Whenever possible, use an outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter switch that will trip if it senses an electrical leakage issue such as contact with water.

More safety tips are available online at www.csaholiday.com.

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